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    Welcome to The Workshop!  My name is Judson Stewart Bailey and I am a Federally Licensed firearms manufacturer located in the small town of St. Albans Maine, USA and have been in the business of building custom, super accurate rifles since 1990.  If you are ever in our area please feel free to give us a call and stop in to have a coffee and talk guns.  Creating your custom rifle, one that is the fulfillment of your dreams takes some thought and discussion.  We will need to understand exactly what you want and need in your gun.  You are welcomed to stop by the shop and watch the work progress and when that is not an option we are happy to send photos of your gun as it is being built.  We want the process of having your custom rifle built to be something special that you will fondly remember.  My wife, Barbara and I love building custom rifles and we feel privileged to be able to create them for our friends, both new and old.  When dealing with us you are much more than a customer and become part of "the family."

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