Building a Custom Rifle
A .366 DGW


1) Proper grain should run from the butt through the grip and up through the forearm.
Strength should never be sacrificed for beauty.

2) All holes are located and marked.  Also the center line cast off and other dimentions are
marked before any chips are made.

3) Locating the position of the guard screw holes in the blank.

4) A highly modified P-14 Enfield opened up for the .366 DGW.  The cartridge on
top of the .366 DGW is a .338 for comparison.

5) Another view of the modified P-14 action.

6) Once the metalwork is done it is time to start inletting the stock.

7) The .366 DGW is inletted into the stock.  The barreled action should in most cases,
be sunk 1/2 way into the stock at this point.

8) Once the barreled action is inletted it is time to inlet the bottom metal.  Some people inlet
the guard first, but we always inlet the action first at The Gunshop.

9) Just beginning the shaping of the stock.  All lines work from the butt, forward.

10) Laying out the picture puzzle forend tip.  The ebony tip is sitting to the left on the vice.

11) Inletting the forend tip.

12) The finished forend tip on the completed rifle.


13) A side view of the completed rifle.


14) The completed rifle on the Dark Continent!


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