The .366 DGW

          From the pages of Cartridges of the World,
                                 10th Edition:

     Historical Notes - A high performance, medium bore wildcat cartridge crafted by Maine Gunsmith Judson Stewart Bailey, the 366 DGW is identified with the initials of its creator, David G. Walker.  Mr. Walkers idea was to achieve optimum performance from the 416 Rigby parent case, directly necking it down to accept 366 (9.3mm) bullets.  With a 24-inch barrel propelling high sectional density and ballistic coefficient bullets at relatively low pressures , Mr. Bailey believes the 366 DGW shoots flatter and out-penetrates the Remington Ultra Magnums, the 338 Lapua and the 338/378 Weatherby.  In 2001 Mr. Bailey successfully hunted the cartridge in South Africa taking zebra, kudu, warthog, wildebeest, nyala, blesbok and gemsbok.

     General Comments -  Strictly a custom rifle proposition, the 366 DGW cartridge has been chambered in Ruger #1 single-shot and converted Enfield P14 bolt-action rifles.  The Beretta / SAKO TRG-s and longer BRNO ZKK 602 and CZ actions would also be suitable for this 416 Rigby-based cartridge.  Reloading dies are available from RCBS.  Suitably dimensioned bullets and available from various manufacturers including Nosler, Wooleigh, Swift, Barnes and Speer.



Click here to view the 366DGW Data Sheet.


Read this article on the 366 DGW that appeared in the July / August 2003 issue of Safari.

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